Hair Transplantation: Important Points and Features

Hair Transplantation: Important Points and Features

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Hair plays an important part in elevating the overall persona of an individual thereby giving an extraordinary look. In today’s world, hair to men is equally imperative like hair to women. The rising and corresponding consciousness among the men of the men in our country is the main reason Hair Transplantation is experiencing an increase.

A human scalp has about 150,000-200,000 hair follicles which have the potency of growing healthy hair. On an average, a normal human being generally loses 100-125 hair each day. Thereby, one can easily imagine the number of hair lost by multiplying the number of days and the amount of hair loss each day. However, after calculating this number, we can easily figure out that baldness is not something very far off.

Therefore, many people are turning for everlasting and permanent solutions for hair restoration to this problem of hair fall.

An Insight to Hair Transplantation 

Hair Transplantation is an artistic and surgical redistribution of the long-lasting hair follicles taken from the donor dominant areas. These areas are generally the back and sides of the head to the balding areas.  These long life hair follicles are transplanted into the areas of the scalp that generally facing the problem of balding.

The hair that are to grafted to the balding area are taken from various parts of the body also called the Donor Areas. Generally, the donor areas of the body are thighs, chest, hands, back etc. under local anaesthesia.

Few Steps that one must keep in mind before going in for a Hair Transplant

– It is important for the person going for Hair Transplantation to do a proper research at his own level. A person must handpick a hair transplant artist and not a doctor. This process is more of an art than just a process or treatment.

– One should meet and take advice of former real patients who have undergone Hair Transplantation. The real patients can easily highlight the pros of the procedure and explain you how safe is the whole process of Hair Transplantation.

– Do not believe in any online pictures as they can be copied or edited. However, research on discussion forums like or hairsite.commust be checked for unbiased opinions.

– One should also go for a sample test of 10-100 grafts to see the art, healing, quality before going for a bigger session.

These steps must be taken care of and undertaken before going in for the process of Hair Transplantation.

Advantages of Hair Transplant

– Hair Transplant is a one-time investment to the problem of hair fall and balding. Also, it is a permanent solution giving you an everlasting result for a lifetime.

– The process of Hair Transplantation is the least invasive method with almost no or negligible side effects. The grafting of hair follicles doesn’t leave any scarring on the balding area thereby making the whole process to be more consistent and safe.

– The transplanted hair does not require any special kind of care, attention or maintenance. One can upkeep them by simply managing them and nothing extra ordinary.

– Hair Transplant gives a natural appearance to hair as the grafts have been taken for the donor body parts. This natural look increases the self-esteem and boosts confidence of the person.

– The time of healing and recovery of this process is very quick. It only takes approximately 7-10 days for complete recovery and get the person to get going with his normal routine.

– This procedure also people who have had a bad past and aids them cover and recover the victims. It helps burn victims, acid attack victims, injury scars, alopecia and other various disease conditions by the artistic skills and efficiencies.