HDFC Bank net banking, mobile app down for 2nd day in row

HDFC Bank net banking, mobile app down for 2nd day in row

HDFC Bank net banking, mobile app down for 2nd day in row

HDFC Bank log-in issue: HDFC Bank Ltd customers are facing major problems while using its mobile app and internet banking facility as services are down for the past two days in a row. The bank’s mobile and e-banking facilities faced technical glitch around 10 AM on Monday, following which the company assured its engineers were working to address the technical glitch.

Angry customers have taken to social media to complain regarding inconvenience faced by them, especially since it’s the start of the month and most people get their salaries around this time. The HDFC Bank, however, assured there’s no cause for undue concern and that the issue would be solved soon.

“Due to a technical glitch, some of our customers have been having trouble logging into our net banking and Mobile Banking App. Our experts are working on it on top priority, and we’re confident we’ll be able to restore services shortly. While we deeply regret the inconvenience caused, there’s no cause for undue concern,” HDFC Bank said.

Those trying to log on to the HDFC Bank’s website were receiving a standard response: “Dear User, The Net Banking system is busy processing heavy load from currently logged in customers, request to try after some time. Thank you for your cooperation”.

India’s largest private bank in terms of market capitalisation, HDFC Bank has a total of 4.5 crore customers. The bank has a huge base of customers who use internet banking to carry out daily transactions.

Meanwhile, irked customers took to social media to express their anger.

“What has happened to your banking experience? #hdfcbank #patheticservice When it comes down to taking charges from your customer, you all are very prompt, but what happens to you when you need to provide service?” asked a customer.

Another customer tweeted: “Earlier you had problem with the upgraded version of the new app. This persisted for a long time. Today, no one is able to access your app and website. This is the first working day of the month which is critical for all.”

Meanwhile, HDFC Bank shares are quoting Rs 1257.20 on BSE, 8 points or 0.64% lower than the previous close.